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We are working on
95% Human

A futuristic and stunning point and click 3D adventurE

Amazing environment

You awake on the ground in a dirty and hostil alley, with no identity or memories. Something feels different… but you don’t quite know why.

Do people arround you  know the answer? Will they play a dangerous game with you?


Are you a rock star?

Or a boxer?

Maybe an artist?

A journalist?

Or perhaps a toyboy?

fall in love with our features

Plays like a Graphic Adventures of the 90’s with a modern twist.

Takes on varied themes with an acid and sarcastic sense of humor.

Day & night cycles based on progression.

Available game events and actions are tied to character creation seed.

A rich customization system, you all be able to personalize your avatar to look the way you like.

Disclaimer, you should not be naked when walking on the outside of your working place.

(do not say that we did warn you)

Stop Motion Animations


Each of the keyframes of the animations is handcrafted so the look exactly the way we want.

Did you think that´s crazy?

Yes we are!!

With different animations for gameplay purpose, as some items may not be available on the current save game.

The Team

David Laguens


With over 19 years on the sector David is able to accomplish the most gorgeous and beautiful visual result.

Jose A. Milan


With over 23 years programing Jose is able to convert designs into reliable and robust games.